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I’m Lis –– Artist, Author, Mentor, Life Coach, and Business Consultant.
Every woman's voice deserves to be heard. They have stories to tell and strides to make. I’m just here to amplify them. 
I believe art speaks louder than words. 
It gives a voice to the voiceless. 
Power to the powerless.
Throughout history, art has trickled messages into the hearts of the oppressors and inspired the oppressed. As a professional conceptual artist, I use my creations to investigate the battle of women in patriarchal societies driven by capitalist values. 
I have a master’s in fine art. I am a passionate silk screen printer making art of gestural figures in graceful movement, turning shapes and colors into stories and symbols of strength and healing.
My work is rooted in my personal journey. If you get one thing from them, I want you to be inspired to question what you see and what you think you know. 
There’s always something to learn and be created.
You can browse my limited-edition posters and very first visual poetry book here.

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